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I am a full stack developer experienced in C#, .NET, Angular 2+, Ionic, JavaScript, NodeJS, Electron, Solidity, Ethereum, Blockchain, and HTML/CSS. Welcome to my project homepage, and I hope you find what you are looking for below.

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Yup, I am on twitter. I read it all the time and find a lot of tech news there. No judging...

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Bootstrap UI Library, starting with vanilla Bootstrap components. Themes and Premium components coming too.

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Meteor Up is a production quality Meteor app deployment tool.

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Halo Platform

Halo Platform is the Most Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Platform Supported by Halo Coin and the Halo Network.

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Project Contributions


Production Quality Meteor Deployment to Anywhere

This project I have added a lot of contributions, including the website design.


Awesome - A curated list of amazing Bootstrap tools and themes.

I am the new maintainer of this project, and soon to be main contributor.


Cloud9 Core - Part of the Cloud9 SDK for Plugin Development

This project I added the ability to pipe data into the editor in real time.


Article back-end for hack.guides() website

I've written several articles for Pluralsight and merged them into their guide repo.


An official fork of NodeJS. It's pronounced like 'IO'.

I am working to help update documentation, add new features, and moderate the community.

Cryptocurrency Development


Typescript Typings File For Web3JS

General Development


Vanilla Bootstrap Components. Plug and Play, Copy and Paste.


Data science and theory implemented in JavaScript.


Adds a desktop GUI to cloud9's ide using x11


A plugin to mark color codes with pigments.


A real time collaborative editor. Built on RethinkDB. Written for a Pluralsight Article.


A real time chat room built with RethinkDB


Passive Domain Discover Tool using Python and a Whois API


A way to easily import social media information from YAML Front matter or other site information.


Adds local printing option to file menu in cloud9 ide


This is a really old project...

A javascript paste bin leveraging the ace editor.


Just a few snippets from code challenges I have done. Oh also I coded a teenager, kind of a joke with a friend.


The website you are viewing right now...

EVE Online Development

Faction Warfare Map

This map shows the current real time state of Faction Warfare in eve online. It includes a lot of handy features, and quick information links.

Fleet XUP Parser

This tools allows Fleet Commanders to quickly assign logi, sebo's, and ecm throughout their fleet. Using only the fleet chat.

EVE Market Browser

This tool allows federation uprising members to view and search local home base market prices similar to evepraisale. It prices the stocks and also allows you to see if items are in stock or not.

CFO Calc

This tool allows federation uprising members to price their shipping costs using our internal shipping corporation CFO.

AFCU Development

While I cannot show source code for these projects, I can list them, describe them, and point out what technologies were used with them.

Board Site

An online meeting place for board agendas, voting, and remote meetings.

MeteorJS, BlazeJS, MongoDB, PUB/SUB, NodeJS, HTML/CSS

Credit Bureau Parser

A C# program that parses the Metro 2 format for reporting to Credit Bureau's. Use was to extract information, fix it, and regenerate the file.


Loan Participation's

Built a system to extend Fiserv's XP2 Core Processing System. Added Loan Participation Pools for Autos.


Supplemental Health Insurance Program

A ASP.NET application that managed the entire health care claim and reimbursement system for AFCU.

C#, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL

Employee Suggestions

I built a Stack Overflow style employee suggestion portal for AFCU.

C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, HTML/CSS/JS

Sweep Job

This is a C# Batch program that runs every night to sweep 90% of funds into a proceeds account and 10% of funds into a holding account.


Prime Alliance to FICS

Converts an XML file to CSV for import into FICS.


Corp Password Cracker

Checks to see if any encrypted passwords in DB uses low security passwords.

Python, Rainbow Tables, Sha256, Sha512, MD5

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