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I am a full stack developer experienced in C#, .NET, JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML/CSS. Welcome to my project homepage, and I hope you find what you are looking for below.

If you are here looking for the EVE Online tools, just scroll down and you will see them...

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Other Sites

Unrestricted Coding

My personal website, and blog. Also the really long uncompleted and thoughtful book project...

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Yup, I am on twitter. I read it all the time and find a lot of tech news there. No judging...

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EVE Online Development

Faction Warfare Map

This map shows the current realtime state of Faction Warfare in eve online. It includes a lot of handy features, and quick information links.

View - FW Warzone Map
Fleet XUP Parser

This tools allows Fleet Commanders to quickly assign logi, sebo's, and ecm throughout their fleet. Using only the fleet chat.

View - Fleet XUP

Project Contributions

Meteor Up

Production Quality Meteor Deployment to Anywhere

This project I have added a lot of contributions, including the website design.

View - Meteor Up
Cloud9 Core

Cloud9 Core - Part of the Cloud9 SDK for Plugin Development

This project I added the ability to pipe data into the editor in real time.

View - Cloud9 Core
Pluralsight Guides

Article back-end for hack.guides() website

I've written several articles for Pluralsight and merged them into their guide repo.

View - Pluralsight Guides

General Development

JavaScript - Data Theory

Data science and theory implemented in JavaScript.

View - Data Theory

Adds a desktop GUI to cloud9's ide using x11

View - c9.ide.desktop

A plugin to mark color codes with pigments.

View - c9.ide.pigments
ReThinkDB Collaborative Editor

A realtime collaborative editor. Built on RethinkDB. Written for a Pluralsight Article.

View - ReThinkDB Editor View - Pluralsight Article
Realtime Chat w/ ReThinkDB

A realtime chatroom built with RethinkDB

View - Realtime Chat
Python - Domain Finder

Passive Domain Discover Tool using Python and a Whois API

View - Domain Finder
HTML - Jekyll SEO Social Plugin

A way to easily import social media information from YAML Front matter or other site information.

View - SEO Social Plugin

Adds local printing option to file menu in cloud9 ide

View - c9.ide.print
PHP/JS - Code Bucket

This is a really old project...

A javascript pastebin leveraging the ace editor.

View - Code Bucket
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