What is Meteor Up?

Meteor Up is a production quality application to deploy your Meteor App to anywhere. Normally you can only deploy your meteor application to Meteor’s own Galaxy cloud servers. However with Meteor Up (MUP) you can deploy it to AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Azure, or any other place you can run an Ubuntu server.

How easy is it?

Really Easy!!! You setup your config file and then just run a few commands.

mup setup and then mup deploy and boom! You’re site is up. Assuming you did your config file right that is.

Where can I find out more info?

The website of course! You can find it here - home page.

The getting started tutorial can be found here - getting started.

And finally the full docs can be found here - documentation.

I need help!

There are two major places to get help. If it’s a quick quesiton or you just want to chat drop by the Gitter Chat. Otherwise, you should probably file an issue on Github.