I Read A LOT!

Like really, a lot. While I was reading one day I thought “hmm maybe others would like to read these articles too.” These could be tutorials, news, new tools, or anything interesting. So I’m starting by just posting a list every now and then of recent articles I have read that I think others should check out.

With That Let’s Get Into It

1. Github Security Alerts

Github recently announced that using their dependency graph feature, developers could receive alerts when one of those dependencies have a reported vulnerability. Using some machine learning, Github will attempt to tell you how to fix or approach the vulnerability.

It should be stressed that this does not replace developer due diligence, but should be used in conjunction to security protocols and plans.

2. Every Javascript Framework Tutorial Written More Than 5 Minutes Ago

Roger Collier goes over an experience with javascript tutorials, while making fun of / attacking the culture of using a million tools and features to launch a simple application. I found it to be more satire and addressing a bigger issue in the javascript community. The over tooling of frameworks.

3. The Most Important Rule In UX Design That Everyone Breaks

How does your layout work with how much multi-tasking and memory users are able to achieve? This article attempts to tackle that question and put forth some solutions to how many elements and groups should be in the active page of a UI/UX.

4. Developing a Google Chrome Extension using Angular 4

Tackling the tricky task of developing google chrome extensions with angular 4. Turns out not to be that tricky at all.

5. Learn & Understand JavaScript’s Reduce Function

This covers the use of reduce to provide a single value output from an array of values. Example initially covered in the article is an array summation of integer values. This function can be used to simplify both code complexity and readability.


I’ll start with 5 articles at a time, and see how people like it. I don’t do emails, so to get updates you’ll have to come checkout the site from time to time.

For now Ciao!